Our Journey

My husband “D” and I, are food lovers and enjoy travelling. We also enjoy cooking and experimenting with food. After working in the corporate world for 9 years, destiny allowed me to take a break and for the last 1 year have been enjoying life – from cooking to travelling, gardening to blogging, yoga to biking…life has been fulfilling.

It was my mom who introduced me to the cooking world…which started as a chore as my mom was a working lady, and in her absence had to reheat, cook at times then actually became my hobby and since then have been enjoying the world of kitchen and spices.

“D” has been the driving force behind my journey into the cooking world. He is the one who encourages me to try recipes which we have had at diners, drive ins and restaurants. I also try to recreate Mom’s recipes and try new ones. So, I thank him for all his support and encouragement.

Well while cooking is done by me primarily, the photographs are clicked by “D” as he enjoys photography as much he enjoys food. The recipes here can be tweaked as per your imagination as the spice/ingredients world is vast and it can be adjusted to suit any taste bud.

9 thoughts on “Our Journey

    • Hey Angie, nice to meet you too. Am new into blogging so its a wonderful experience for me. Your words are encouraging :-). Fiesta Friday is an amazing platform for bloggers to know each other and learn the diverse culture. Your blog too is beautiful will have to go on detail so will walk slowly. Look forward to more interactions and above all more recipes πŸ™‚ Happy weekend!

  1. Hello there Priya! Lovely to have found you through your comment on my blog, thanks for introducing yourself! You’re an amazing cook. The diversity and range of recipes on this blog is truly inspiring. Like D, my husband Aaron also took the photos when I started my blog. I’ve taken over myself now and I’m loving the learning process of cooking, photographing and writing. Great job, keep it up! I look forward to reading more of your posts! xx

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